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In a challenging economy, book packagers are playing an increasingly important role in getting finished product into the pipeline. However traditional packagers are ill-equipped to maintain the quality and be true to the vision of their clients.

Where these traditional companies fall short,
Black Book Partners excels.

Black Book Partners is a 'little black book' come to life.

Think of all the talented, ambitious, hard-working publishing professionals you have encountered over the years, and then imagine how great it would be if you could assemble a group of them—like puzzle pieces—to attack your next big project. That, in a nutshell, is what Black Book Partners is all about.

We are a hands-on company so you don't have to be.

Black Book Partners is owned and operated by a trio of publishing pros who have pooled their experience and resources to create a company geared toward the changing needs and demands of clients in the 21st century. Over the years, we have formed terrific relationships with terrific people in this business—and now they have committed to work for us on a project-by-project basis. That means we can coordinate and manage a 'dream team' assembled specifically for your job, saving time, money, exasperation...and maybe even your butt!

We know our stuff.

Read about us. Keep in mind, too, that the people we use also know their stuff. They have worked (or are working) in mainstream publishing environments, which means they understand the business. They have chosen to work with Black Book Partners because of the freedom we offer, and because they can once again feel like part of a team—your team.

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Mark Stewart • Editorial

Mike Kennedy • Team Management

Ron Jaffe / Jaffe Enterprises • Design

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