“When I look at my career and his career and where I was at 25 years old, there's a substantial difference. I had a control problem. I was very durable, but I didn't have the feel for the baseball or my delivery as he does with his. That's one of the unique things about him.”
—Rangers CEO Nolan Ryan

"I think it's neat and exciting that he has the following that he does and so many people are excited about it.”

“He just keeps getting better every time he takes the ball.”
Rangers manager Ron Washington

“He'll have fun. It's going to be good.”
—Teammate Colby Lewis

“He enjoys getting in the weight room as much as he enjoys pitching. That will help him pitch a long time and he should adjust a lot quicker.”
—Teammate Joe Nathan

"He’s good!”
Yankees star Robinson Cano

"You hear a lot of guys get hyped and he was everything that you'd heard.”
—Yankees star Mark Teixeira

"You saw the crowd did a standing ovation and he didn't tip his cap, he wasn't very happy or satisfied with his pitching, and that shows pride. That's a good mentality, that's what I liked about him.”
—All-Star Ichiro Suzuki

“He's got a very athletic body, and that usually helps pitchers to be able to successfully repeat their delivery.”
—Broadcaster Orel Hershiser

“I only had better numbers than him. As a pitcher, I'm nowhere near his caliber.”
2011 Samurai Award Winner Masahiro Tanaka

"He wanted to go to a bigger stage, and bigger competition. I don't think the attention will bother him. Since junior high, he's been with the media. No disrespect, but he's not here to satisfy the media. He's here to win.”
Yu’s father Farsad

"I'm just really worried anticipating what he'll do adjusting to American baseball and if he can live up to expectationsn.”
Yu’s mom Ikuyo

Nolan Ryan,
Black Book Partners archives



Nolan Ryan,
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