”He’s pretty impressive. He’s worth the price of admission.’’
—Tigers manager Jim Leyland

”I’ve never had a starting pitcher who can throw 99 in the ninth inning.’’

”This guy is a real keeper. He's the real deal.’’

“He throws 99, which you see very rarely. He throws strikes and he has a great curveball and changeup. He has a great future.’’
—Indians All-Star Travis Hafner

"That kid has so much potential, and he doesn’t look a bit like a rookie. He has everything and can be as good as he wants.’’
—Rays manager Joe Madden

”My God, that guy's throwing 100 miles an hour in the sixth inning.’’
—Braves legend Chipper Jones

”He's going to be a superstar in this game for a long time.’’
—Former teammate Ivan Rodriguez

”He’s confident, halfway cocky, which is good. Maybe that is what gives him the edge.’’
—Former teammate Craig Monroe

“He’s got great stuff, and he has to learn to throw the breaking ball more for a strike. I am impressed. He’s going to be a good one.’’
—Former teammate Jeremy Bonderman

“He’s exceptional. He understands instruction well and is able to apply it in game situations.”
—Tigers GM Dave Dombrowski

“Justin Verlander is what he is—a talented pitcher with a fastball that sets the radar gun into hyper drive. ”
—Sportswriter Denis Savage

”He’s got a Roy Halladay breaking ball and a fastball that speaks for itself.’’
—Veteran infielder Ramon Vazquez

”He’s a great pitcher, he really is. He’s got more than average stuff. The more you are in the big leagues, the more you come to grips with how things are up here and the more you settle down and learn how to actually pitch. He’s starting to do that right now, a little earlier than most people expected.’’
—Teammate Brandon Inge


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