“You can obviously see the maturity, the leadership, all the different intangibles you would like in your quarterback.”
—Teammate London Fletcher

"He’s very fast, man. Very fast.!”

"He can make plays with his feet and then turn it into passes.”
—Teammate Pierre Garcon

“The cream always rises to the top, so if I'm as good as I hope to be someday, then I'm going to get that opportunity, whether here or somewhere else.”
—Teammate Kirk Cousins

“We’re going to adjust our system to what he feels comfortable with.”
—Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan

“The NFL is not used to is a quarterback with his type of speed and his type of throwing ability.”

“This guy is special. You take a guy that has that length and can run and he can throw accurately? Those guys don’t exist.”
—Baylor head coach Art Briles

"He's a guy who can throw with the best of them.”
—Teammate Darrell Young

"Mike Shanahan's West Coast offense will utilize his skills very well. The run game will be his friend. The play-action and movements and keeps will be a large part of what they do because he's so good at it. It will be fun to watch.”
—Former NFL coach Steve Mariucci

"I think Shanahan will have a lot of fun with Robert.”
—Robert’s high school coach Jack Welch

"Griffin may have cost a king’s ransom, but he’s going to rule the Redskins for many years.”
—Sporstwriter Rick Snider

London Fletcher,
autographed photo


Art Briles,
autographed photo

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