“I think I’ve proven that I’m throw-first, and then run if I need to.”

“The only reason you get drafted or even looked at by the NFL is because they believe you can play at the next level ... if they believe I can do that, you know I believe I can do it.”

"I try to go through my reads and then, if I have the option to run, I do run.” 

“There’s a fine line between playing with fear and then taking bad plays and playing with no fear.” 

“Last time I checked I was able to throw the ball a little bit.” 

“No one coaches what to do after three seconds, after the quarterback’s broken the pocket or he’s been in the pocket for five, six seconds.” 

“The speed will increase and the players will be better, but also the players around you will be a lot better. It all cancels itself out.” 

“I’m always studying. I probably wrote the most papers of any college quarterback.” 

“I’d love to play basketball with the president, or throw the football around or something like that.” 

“I still don't think it's sunk in that I won the Heisman. I'll be able to reflect back on the season, appreciate those types of things and realize that although I wanted to ‘be like Mike’ when I was growing up, now I get to go out and be in the NFL.”

"The mold that everyone is seeing nowadays is kind of the Aaron Rodgers mold ... I try to mix and match from the different quarterbacks.” 

“I think I'm starting to figure out when I need to get rid of it and when I don't need to.” 

“A lot of people have already labeled me the Savior.” 

“I don’t want people to say I’m a solid quarterback. I want to be the best, and I’ll continually work until I get there.” 

“The Redskins haven't won the division since 1999, and we came in and we did it in one year!” 

Robert Griffin III,
2012 Bowman Insert


Robert Griffin III,
2012 Sports Illustrated

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