“He’s an extremely talented offensive player who has the utmost confidence. He just knows, man, that he can hit.”
—Former Brewers manager Ned Yost

"It was very evident when we got into negotiations that Ryan Braun wanted to be a Milwaukee Brewers player for a very long period of time. It wasn’t about three years, it wasn’t about four years. It was about a period of time.”
—Brewers GM Doug Melvin

“I was amazed. I knew Braun would hit some home runs, but to come in so under control emotionally as he was from Day One and do what he did, you just don't find many guys who can do tha.”
Big League hitting coach Jim Skaalen

“He probably has the best arm in baseball in left field. He can cover more ground than 90% of the outfielders out there.”
—Big League coach Ed Sedar

"We’ve always believed he had the potential. It’s just very exciting when it all happens like this.”
—Ryan's father Joe


Ned Yost, 2004 Topps

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