Tracy McGrady  

  • Tracy’s extended family incudes six younger stepbrothers and stepsisters. He is close with many of them, including a half-brother named Chance. When Chance’s mother fell severely ill with cancer in the summer of 2000, Tracy insisted that the teenager move in with him. He then worked with Chance to deal with the stress.
  • Tracy wore braces in his first three years in the NBA.
  • When the Bulls romanced Tracy in the summer of 2000, they treated him to choice seats at a Cubs game. The team also let him relive past glories when he threw out the first pitch to Sammy Sosa.
  • After joining the Magic, Tracy enrolled in a leadership class at Rollins College. He also bought the house previously owned by Payne Stewart, the golfer who died in a plane crash in 1999. The sprawling five-bedroom mansion is located outside Orlando on a lake across from the homes of Ken Griffey, Jr., Shaquille O’Neal and Tiger Woods.
  • Among Tracy’s favorites are: “Scarface” (movie), Halle Berry (actress), Martin Lawrence (actor), and Lamborghini (car).
  • Tracy has been clocked in under 4.5 seconds in the 40-yard dash.
  • Tracy says that he still has dreams about pitching in the majors. He has admitted that during the NBA lockout in 1998 he toyed with the idea of returning to the mound
  • In the Fall of 2002, Tracy learned that Iran Brown, a 13-year-old victim of the Maryland and Virginia sniper attacks, was a big fan of his. He sent the youngster a jersey, then weeks later the two shot baskets at a Magic practice. Brown attended Orlando’s game against Milwaukee that night, though Tracy was sidelined with a bad back.
  • Tracy owns his own jet.
  • Tracy wears Adidas sneakers. The company's signature 2005 model is the T-Mac.
  • Tracy has a tattoo on his right shoulder that reads: AND EVERY TONGUE THAT SHALL RISE UP AGAINST THEE IN JUDGEMENT SHALL BE COMDEMNED—ISAIAH 54:17.
  • Tracy and ClaRenda Harris have a daugther named Layla.




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