Tracy McGrady  

“My heart is definitely here, and there’s no place like home.”

“My job is to make the players I’m playing with better. I’m going to be the cat that does a lof of the ‘other things.’”

“A couple of years ago, I was following players. Now, I’m trying to have guys follow me.”

“I work on my game daily. Because I’m never satisfied, never going to be.”

“In order to do great things, you have to take on challenges in your life. I’m doing nothing but taking on different challenges.”

“I don’t believe in pressure. Pressure doesn’t affect me at all.”

“Many times, the game comes down to the final possession, the final shot. I want to become a better clutch performer. That’s what separates the really good players from the really great players."

"I don't know what life is like, I don't know how regular people live. I just can never understand it. My first job was the NBA."

"I'm just one guy. I can't bring the whole league closer to the fans."

"There's nothing about me that's selfish."

"I know I have to keep up my image. It's all about how you handle the situation."








Tracy McGrady, 2001 Topps Heritage

Tracy McGrady, 2001 Fleer



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