"He’s outstanding with the bat, but that’s really a bonus when it comes to a catcher. What’s important is handling the game. It’s obvious Mauer can do that.”
—Former All-Star Catcher Ray Fosse

“Anywhere we go out, people come up to the table asking for autographs or saying hi.”
—Teammate Justin Morneau

“With what he does behind the plate, controlling the game, and offensively dominating, it's amazing.”

“He is taking charge more than in the past.”
—Former teammate Johan Santana

“He’s mature beyond his years.”
—Twins GM Terry Ryan

“He’s a real professional.”
—Former teammate Brad Radke

“Joe’s a gifted hitter, but he’s also very good behind the plate. If Joe can withstand it, I say keep him behind the plate."
—All-Star Mike Sweeney

“We always told the boys, you are related to or know half of St. Paul, so if you screw up, we’ll hear about it."
—Teresa Mauer

“I watch Joe, and I see myself so much I could cry. The way he is—that’s the way I should have been.”
—Jake Mauer

“That’s one big kid. He’s like a bog statue when he’s behind the plate.”
—Former teammate Eddie Guardado

“He’s laid back and loose.”
—Former teammate Torii Hunter

“It’s kind of hard talking about him because you’re throwing so many accolades at a really young player, but we haven’t figured out anything bad about him yet.”
—Twins manager Ron Gardenhire

“You put the name MAUER or Joe’s number seven on any item and it sells.”
—Twins exec Matt Noll

“He makes it look easy. He’s amazing. I’ve never seen anybody hitting like that.”
—Teammate Francisco Liriano

Ray Fosse, 1971 Topps coin



Brad Radke, 2004 Topps

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