“I’m just feeling pretty comfortable right now. I’m trying not to do too much, and just trying to take what they give me."

"It was always baseball for me. This is what I always wanted to do."

"I want to take care of the defense first—that’s a big part of the game for a catcher."

"I want to be back behind the plate as long as I can. I can help the team that way, and I like being in control and in charge."

"I’m looking to get better, and anything that will help me accomplish that, I’m all ears."

"I followed Kent Hrbek and Kirby Puckett—it’s unbelievable to look down and see TWINS down there [on my uniform]."

"I have a few goals that I kind of keep to myself."

"In this organization, you’re used to winning."

"I’ve always enjoyed teammates looking at me to come up with a big play or a big hit. That's something that I enjoy doing, having that responsibility."

"Can we win here? Yes, I definitely think so. And that’s ultimately what I’d like to do."

"I always said I wanted to be the best at what I could do. I feel like I can improve."

"When things are said and done, I always want to be remembered as a great teammate and a great player."

"I love catching. I love the demands that are put on me and the responsibilities that I have—although it might beat you up a little bit physically and mentally."


Joe Mauer, 2008 Heritage


Joe Mauer,
2004 Bowman Heritage


Joe Mauer, 2002 Heritage

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