“The thing about him is he doesn’t throw an inaccurate ball. Every time a receiver has to make a catch, it’s right there in any type of throw. He’s been doing that for a long time."
—Former NFL head coach Dick Vermeil

“He eats everything you give him and wants more.”
—Arizona head coach Bruce Arians

“From the first day, it was his huddle. Anyone who works as hard as he does gets respect.”
—Former teammate Adam Meadows

“You really don’t know a guy until you coach him, and the first thing you see is he has a tremendous work ethic. He is always well prepared.”
—Former Colts head coach Jim Mora

“He is an extremely competitive young man. Winning is so important to him.”

“If he plays up to his potential, he’ll be a Hall of Fame quarterback, there’s no doubt.”
—Former NFL star Todd Lyght

“Peyton benefited greatly from the way he was raised. He benefited first as a person from the good things he was taught, and secondly as a player.”
—College coach David Cutcliffe

“Peyton is very intense and knows everything about football. He knows the history of the game."

"He has stuck in the pocket. He has taken some shots and bounced back without any fear. He's made clutch throws at crucial times. I think he's in his prime and he's playing great football right now."
—Former teammate Reggie Wayne

"You’re not going to fool Peyton Manning. He knows where he’s going with the football before the snap.
—Pro Bowl linebacker Brian Urlacher

“He’s probably the hardest-working guy I’ve been around who has great ability. Overachievers work hard because they have to. Peyton has rare talent, but chooses to push himself like he doesn’t.”
—Former Colts head coach Tony Dungy

“I’ve never seen a guy with so much ability and the dedication to match.”

"Peyton Manning is a great quarterback. Anybody who doesn't know that, doesn't know much about football."

“Right now Peyton is the most efficient quarterback in the game."
—Veteran cornerback Ray Buchanan

"I have not been around any current player who has such a historical perspective of the game, and I know it's extremely important to him to be regarded as a Super Bowl champion."
—Hall of Famer Troy Aikman

“I think Peyton’s got the potential to be one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time.”
—Peyton’s brother Cooper

“To do the things Peyton's been doing week in and week out, it's kid of like when Bob Dylan comes along—you don't see someone like that very often.”
—Former Colts owner Robert Irsay

“We wish him nothing but the best as he continues his Hall of Fame career.”
—Colts owner Jim Irsay

"He's the best that's ever played this game as far as quarterbacks are concerned. When he's retired, they'll compare everybody to Peyton Manning, without a doubt."
—Former teammate Brandon Stokley

"He's incredible to watch."
—Pro Bowl quarterback Tom Brady

"I guarantee you, if Peyton Manning was on the Pats, he would have won a minimum of three Super Bowls."
—Former Rams coach Scott Linehan

"He's been such a highly accomplished performer year in and year out. Just when you think you've seen his best, he improves upon it."
—Former Colts head coach Jim Caldwell

"Our goal has always been to win Super Bowls, and Peyton gives us a chance to win another world championship."
—Broncos owner Pat Bowlen

"I believe that he's got a lot of great football left in him."
—Broncos legend John Elway

"He’s a great quarterback."
—Teammate Wes Welker



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