“He is one of the most dynamic players I have ever seen, if not the most.”
—Teammate Mark Trumbo

"He just does it in so many areas. He’s doing it in the batter’s box, he’s doing it with the glove defensively, he’s doing it with his legs.”
—Angels Manager Mike Scioscia

"For such a young guy, 20-years-old, to come up and be able to do so many things in so many areas, it’s incredible.”

“He's a little bit like a Kirby Puckett-type because he's a strong kid. He's not like one of these real gazelle center fielder types. This guy's a strong kid. He runs hard. He runs heavy, and he can fly.”

“He has played just about as good as anybody in the league since he's been called up.”
—Teammate Dan Haren

“He obviously has all the skills in the world and the makeup to be a very good player at this level.”
—Teammate Vernon Wells

"No matter the success that he got, the kid just comes and plays.”
—Teammate Albert Pujols

"He acts like a veteran guy. The way he runs the bases, the way he goes after the ball, he knows the game. And when he's on base, you know he's going to score.”

"Trout is like my little brother. He's my best friend.”
—Teammate Torii Hunter

“He was 19 in the major leagues and didn't know the pitching, the stadiums, and what to expect. So I think you wash that away.”

“His approach to the plate is a lot better than some guys that have been in the league for quite some time.”
—Teammate Jerred Weaver

"This kid is a freak of nature. I'm just saying.”
—All-Star Adam Jones

“Mike's a lot more talented that I was physically. I was just a small guy who had to work for everything I got. I had to learn to live with that. He's bigger, faster, stronger; he has a better arm than I did. But he still works at it, to.”
—Jeff Trout

“IAll we did was set him on a path and let his natural ability take over. I was very confident he’d do well.”

“I love how Trout plays the game. He impacts the game in so many ways.”
Orioals manager Buck Showalter

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