"He's got power like Stargell, McCovey. Opposite-field power, which is the best power you can have. That allows you to wait on the ball. He has power like a guy from the '60s and '70s."
—Hall of Famer Reggie Jackson

"He's not swinging at bad pitches. He's able to take balls off the outside corner and hit them to right center and use the whole field,.. he's not only extremely strong but he knows what he's doing. He stays on his back side extremely well and I think he understands his swing really well for a young player.:
—Yankees Teammate Matt Holliday

“Great kid. Really soft spoken, worked really hard. It’s one of those guys that you see the tools all there. It’s just a matter of when not if.”
—David Phelps, former minor league teammate

“He is a defensive end playing baseball…he’s an amazing athlete.”
—Yankees Manager Joe Girardi

“He’s an imposing figure when he gets up to the plate, just like Frank Howard was… he looks like the real deal.”
—Tigers Legend Lance Parrish

“His makeup is off the charts.”
—Yankees GM Brian Cashman

Reggie Jackson
1970 Topps Super

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