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  • New York Yankees • Outfielder • #99
  • Height: 6' 7"
• Weight: 280 • Born: 4/26/1992

  • Four days before the 2017 All-Star Break, Aaron hit his 30th homer to eclipse the franchise rookie record for home runs, held by Joe DiMaggio.
  • Aaron’s 52 homers in 2017 tied him for 8th on the team’s all-time list. Mickey Mantle also hit 52, during his 1956 Triple Crown year.
  • Aaron’s 208 strikeouts in 2017 were the 6th highest total in history. Mark Reynolds holds the record with 223 K’s in 2009.
  • In addition to his 208 strikeouts, Aaron’s league-leading 127 walks and 5 times hit by a pitch meant that 340 of his 679 plate appearances—in other words, just over half—did not result in a batted ball.
  • Aaron was baseball’s top All-Star vote-getter in 2017, being listed on nearly 4.5 million ballots.
  • The scoreboard at Yankee Stadium reads ALL RISE when Aaron comes to the plate for the first time in a game.
  • In May of 2017, the Yankees opened a three-row, 18-seat section in right field called Judge’s Chambers. Fans seated in the secton wear black robes with number 99 on the back.
  • Aaron picked Fresno State over two other contenders, San Jose State and he University of Hawaii. Fresno is two hours south of Linden.
  • In a 2016 spring training game, Aaron hit a ball completely over the center field scoreboard at Steinbrenner Field.
  • Aaron’s 13 homers through 29 games in 2017 broke the record of 11 for rookies, which was shared by Trevor Story and George Scott.
  • Aaron wears #99. Other athlete’s who’ve worn that number include Wayne Gretzky, Warren Sapp and George Mikan.


George Mikan
Photo by Arturo Pardavila


George Mikan
1950 Babe Ruth Comic

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