“He’s always been an efficient, easy player to play with.”
—Teammate Jeremy Lin

"He’s got a pace to his game that I like. I think he plays at a speed where he can repeat things over and over again.”
—Rockets head coach Kevin McHale

"He’s a really sophisticated player.”

“James Harden is a player we can build around, and continue to improve the team around his skills.”
—Rockets GM Daryl Morey

“He’s an elite offensive player, a complete player.”

"To see a guy that’s been here since day one, since we started this thing, get moved like that, it was tough.”
—Superstar Kevin Durant

"I think we all know that James Harden was a big part of their team. He was a big part of why they made it to the finals.”
—Superstar LeBron James

“He wanted his worth and he wanted to be featured. He’s going to get featured. He’s a pretty good player. He can live up to the billing but the grind is tough. Every night to step up to what everyone believes that you should do because of the dollar about you ask for.”
—SuperStar Dwyane Wade

“Harden has to acclimate to being the top defensive target each night.”
—Sportswriter David Thorpe

“There’s no doubt that playing next to Durant and Westbrook can have its legitimate advantages ... but the hard truth is that sharing the court with those two stars absolutely slaughtered Harden’s numbers.”
—Sportswriter Tom Haberstroh

"There will forever after be a line of demarcation when we mark the Thunder franchise: Before Harden and After Harden.”
—Analyst David Aldridge


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