Richard Hamilton  

"He gets better every game. He’s still young. He’s still learning, and he’s always finding ways to contribute more.”
—Pistons head coach Larry Brown

“When a guy like him start scoring, the defense reacts, and that gives other guys opportunities.”

"He’s a rare combination of shooting touch and a feel for the game.”
—UConn head coach Jim Calhoun

“Rip’s a lot more of a ’70s kid than a ’90s kid. He’s naive but in a positive way.”

“He’s the consummate basketball player.”

“He has a lot of the tricks that I do. I should collect royalties.”
—Pacers guard Reggie Miller

“Rip never stops.”
—Nets guard Jason Kidd

“I think he is the best mid-range shooter in the game.”
—Broadcaster Doug Collins

“He’s got some kind of sickness because he never gets tired. I don’t understand it. It’s crazy. He’s a freak of nature.”
—Teammate Chauncey Billups

“He’s a great shooter, has great touch. He has a good knowledge of the game and knows how to play the game.”
—Grizzlies guard Bonzi Wells

“Richard Hamilton’s a primetime player. I give him a lot of credit and I respect him a lot.”
—Grizzlies forward Shane Battier

“To me, he has proven everyone wrong. His effort is there, and he is willing to work at it.”
—Pacers head coach Rick Carlisle

“Rip Hamilton is an exciting player to watch.”

“He never stops. He is like a little Energizer bunny.”
—Lakers forward Devean George

“He can score in a lot of different ways, but he’s not a selfish player.”
—Boston College head coach Al Skinner

“People here go crazy when he plays. Coatesville is always going to love Rip Hamilton. And Rip Hamilton is always going to love Coatesville.”
—Richard’s youth coach Ricky Hicks

"Rip is a guy you don't have to call plays for—he runs off screens, and the flow of your offense doesn't stop."
—Pistons President Joe Dumars



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