“Johnny Damon is a great player, so that's an honor to be compared to him. I think it's pretty cool.” 

“Before I was drafted by the Red Sox, I really didn't know that much about them, but in talking to people, they said they weren't known for stealing a lot of bases. It's nice coming to an organization that doesn't necessarily use the run game and still have them give me the green light to steal and use my speed.” 

“You can be in the league your whole career and never make it to a World Series. For me to do it in my first year and be part of a World Series championship team is very special.” 

"I'm a competitive person. I'm a perfectionist.” 

“I always knew I was fast from a young age.” 

“My biggest thing is to stay with my approach and take quality ABs to the plate. I'm just trying to keep it simple.” 

“You can't complain when people appreciate what you're doing.” 

“I think I have the power to hit home runs, but I think that's something that will come later.” 

“It was fun, having speed and being able to jump. Especially playing football. I played wide receiver and defensive back.”

“I got off to a great start and like the team success, I just rode it through.” 

“I'm half Native American and half white so I think I can adjust culturally to anything.”

“I understand the importance of giving back, and that's something I definitely want to do.” 

“I'm a pretty even-keeled person. I don't get too high, get too low.” 

“I didn't want to put a timeline on myself. I knew that if I went out and played hard, continued to improve—that's the biggest thing, continued to improve—that things were going to happen.” 

“I try to be my own player. I really haven’t modeled my game after anybody.”

“I haven't really been swinging the wood bat for that long. I went to college for three years swinging the aluminum and I was only in the Minor Leagues for two years.” 

“I weighed the pros and cons of both, and college outweighed the pro ranks at the time and I'm definitely glad I made the choice to come to Oregon State because I'm a better player for it.”

“I dreamed of winning the World Series some day, but I never thought I'd have my own parade.” 



Jacoby Ellsbury,
2009 Turkey Red


Jacoby Ellsbury,
2008 Heritage


Jacoby Ellsbury,
2007 Topps Insert

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