“He's really good. The guy is 6-9, he is mobile, he's quick, he's fast. I mean what more does he have to do? There's no secret thing that he drinks before the game.”
—College hoops legend Bobby Knight

"Kevin Durant is a more athletic Danny Manning.”
—Broadcaster Jay Bilas

“Kevin Durant is the most prolific offensive skilled big perimeter player I've witnessed in many a year. His equals are three guys that made the jump from high school to the NBA: Kevin Garnett, Tracy McGrady and Dirk Nowitzki.”
—Broadcaster Dick Vitale

“I know what Kevin’s role is. I know what my role is.”
—Former teammate Jeff Green

"He's a once-in-a-lifetime guy.”
—Texas head coach Rick Barnes

"I'm most proud of how humble he is.”
—Wanda Pratt

"He's prepared almost his entire life for this and he's only going to get better.”
—Kevin Pratt

“He's more of a big man than McGrady, a better shooter than Lamar Odom, more perimeter than Garnett.”
—Sportswriter Pat Forde

“He is kind of a cross between George Gervin and Bob McAdoo.”
—Washington head coach Lorenzo Romar

“A lot of the referees are treating him like a superstar. He gets to the line easily and often.”
—Legendary NBA head coach Phil Jackson

"The guy is nearly seven feet tall and comes off screens shooting like Ray Allen.”
—NBA veteran Shane Battier

"He’s got all the ability in the world and he keeps getting better.”
—NBA coach Rick Adelman

"He's a phenomenal player. He's beautiful to watch.”
—Former Hawks head coach Mike Woodson

“I love Kevin Durant. I love what he's about.”
—Thunder head coach Scott Brooks

“The guy is pretty amazing, that he's able to handle himself at such a young age.”

“Durant is a special player. He works hard, and he's one of my favorite players. I have to give him kudos and a lot of respect because you see what he does. He's just relentless.”
—NBA veteran Zach Randolph

“I don’t think there’s been a Kevin Durant. Ever,. I don’t think there’s ever been a comparison. Unless you say George Gervin—but taller.”
—Celtics head coach Doc Rivers

“He’s 7 feet tall and he’s running around like a two-guard. He can handle the ball, he can take you off the dribble, he can post you up, he shoots over you. You can’t trap him because he sees right over you. I don’t think in the years that I’ve coached and played . . . there’s ever been a more difficult guy to prepare for. You really feel like you’re wasting your time doing it. He’s going to probably score anyway.”

“He’s just so hungry to get better. He can do almost anything you can possibly do on the court, and he wants to do all those things and he wants to perfect them.”
—Kevin’s personal trainer Justin Zormelo

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