“He always said what he thought, but it wasn’t as loud. Once he got comfortable, the real Chad came out.”
—Former teammate T.J. Housmandzadeh

“You have to worry about how much of a distraction he'll be.”

“Chad’s big-time.”
—Pro Bowl receiver Steve Smith

“Whatever he says, he backs it up. I love him for that.”
—Former teammate Rudi Johnson

“I think he could be misunderstood at times because of his passion for the game.”
—Former NFL star Deion Sanders

“I think it’s good for the league that he’s a very good player.”
—NFL veteran Samari Rolle

“Chad’s a funny guy.”
—All-Pro linebacker Ray Lewis

“You don’t always have to paint your hair gold to get on television. I try to tell him those things. Sometimes he listens, sometimes he doesn’t.”
—Former Pro Bowler Keyshawn Johnson

“He’s got so much energy, and he wants the ball so badly. He wants to make big plays in critical points of games.”
—Former teammate Carson Palmer

“He’s going to say some random things and speak what’s on his mind.”

“He has realized there is more to being a receiver than catching the football.”
—Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis

“He is a Cincinnati Bengal for quite a while.”

“I think every player on this team, every person on this team, has their own individual personality. None of us are the same, so that's probably a good thing.”
—Patriots head coach Bill Belichick

“Chad is a great player.”
—Former Ravens head coach Brian Billick

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