“Buehrle's the best to play behind. He just grabs the ball and fires it.”
—Teammate Paul Konerko

“If he doesn't get another guy out the rest of his life, he's still got a no-hitter. It's like having a World Series ring. They can't take that away. That's the bottom line."

“He doesn't overpower you, but he gets you out. You just walk away with a comfortable 0-for-4.”

“When he takes the mound the team behind him knows it has a chance, and that's probably the biggest compliment you can give anybody.”
—Pitching coach Don Cooper

“We may not have the big names in our rotation, but we think it can be as good as anyone's-and it all starts with our ace, Buehrle.”
—White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen

“He is the heart of the White Sox.”

“He is one of the most underrated pitchers in the American League the past 10 years.”

“He's the ace, and he deserves to be.”
—Former teammate Jon Garland

“When he needed a strikeout, he got a strikeout. When he needed a double play, he got a double play. “
—Former White Sox manager Jerry Manuel

“The whole key to pitching is keeping hitters off-balance, and Mark Buehrle does that as well as anyone.”

“I think he's one of the best pitchers in the American League.”
—Former teammate Magglio Ordonez

“He's a great pitcher. If you give up three or more you're probably going to lose.”
—Former teammate Billy Koch

“I have a pacemaker. I was glad I have one, because that's the only thing that kept my heart going.”
—Mark's dad John

“I make all the cuts at all levels now. It's known as the Buehrle Rule.”
—Mark's high school coach Bob Dunahue

“If Buehrle were a Cub, he'd be glorified as a cerebral, crafty, consistent winner. He would be Greg Maddux, or at least the next Maddux, or possibly the left-handed Maddux.”
—Chicago sportswriter Mike Imrem

Paul Konerko,
2003 Topps T205



Jon Garland, 2004 Topps

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