“I'm now a legend. I'm also the greatest athlete to live.” 

“You have to enjoy yourself to stay relaxed.” 

“When I was young, I didn’t really think about anything other than sports.” 

“We work hard and we perform well and we know we're clean.” 

"I am still me, but I am a more protective me.” 

“These people have watched me grow up and still see me as a kid. But I’m not. I have to be responsible like an adult.” 

“I just love dancing!” 

“Jamaica is why I work now. Jamaica is why I have to be serious. It is why I do not cheat, why I cannot cheat. And it is why I have to win. I cannot disappoint them.” 

“When I played football, I liked being a goalkeeper or a midfielder. I was probably better at cricket. I would be a very good cricketer if I was a professional now. I think I would probably have been the best, in fact.”

“When I’m in London, it’s all Chinese, man. I go to Chinese restaurants in Teddington. But I don’t even get special discounts. They never really say, ‘Ah, Usain Bolt!’ and get excited. I just walk up to the counter and order.” 

“After the Olympics, when I’m 27, if Sir Alex Ferguson is still manager of Man United and he says to me, ‘Usain, I’ll give you a contract right now to come to play for us,’ I’ll be out.” 

“There are so many Jamaican people here in London, it’s going to be like being at home for me.”

“I misplaced my World Championship medals for months, but I found them. They were in a bag in a closet. It’s bad news when you can’t find your medals, but I figured that I’d just go win some more.” 

“I can still improve a lot, but there is definitely a limit to what the human body can do.”


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