“It pleases me to be in that fraternity with a kid that carries on a great tradition in a very classy way.”
—Olypmic legend Rafer Johnson

“He's doing things it took me to 26, 27 years of age to do. And he's doing it easily.”
—Former decathlon star Dan O’Brien

“I'm a great athlete, but to do ten events, especially the 1,500—I've got to give it to him.”
—Sprting superstar Usain Bolt

“Ashton knows he has that hammer in the 1,500.”
—Decathlon coach Frank Zarnowski

“It's safe to say my reign is over. I still think my best decathlon is ahead of me, but Ashton's are, too.”
—U.S. decathlete Trey Hardee

“As the days and weeks and months and years pass, I think Ashton and I will look back on this and realize how special it really is and what this really meant.”

“He's too good to be true, actually, in every way, shape and form.”
Oregon track & field director Vin Lananna

“Ash is flexible in the hips, and he does everything smooth as silk.”
Oregon track coach Harry Marra

“My philosophy as a decathlon coach is to become proficient in all ten disciplines. It's not a nine-athlon or an eight-athlon. It's a decathlon. We train for all ten.”

“You could see he was going to be a complete stud. He was very close to his mother, and she wanted to do everything right for him.”
—Ashton’s former coach Tate Metcalf


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