If you have done something once, you can do it again or you can do it better. The beauty is the pursuit of the limit, not the limit itself. At least that's what I hope people realize.”

“It's like living an entire lifetime in two days.”

I just try to keep it in the present. I'm not naive, but I don't let it get to my head.”

“I knew I could compete with most people in high school. It didn't quite give me an attitude, but it made me think I didn't have to try hard sometimes.”

“It's important not to make the gold medal bigger than it is.”

“I wouldn't say there was a moment of realization when I wanted to be a runner; it was always just something I was.”

“To do the best that I possibly could in my world makes me pretty happy.”

“I want ten perfect events. If I really felt like I was the world's greatest athlete, I'd get ten great events. But I know that's pretty much not possible. That's the toughness of the decathlon.”

Ashton Eaton,
2012 Eugene Register

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