Kevin Garnett: The Man
He was once “Da Kid.” Then “The Man.” When he became one of Boston’s “Big Three” the only thing Kevin Garnett hadn’t done in the NBA was take his team to a title. He checked that one off his to-do list in 2008. In a career that has seen him log 50,000+ minutes and score 25,00+ points, KG ranks among the most enthusiastic, demanding and dedicated players to ever set foot on the hardwood. This was true when he was at the top of his game, and it is still true in his twilight years as a mentor to his young Minnesota teammates. This is his story…

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Bartolo Colon: Big Sexy
When Bartolo Colon sits down to the dinner table, he takes no prisoners—and leaves no scraps. He owns the plate when he steps on the mound, too. Bartolo has been devouring big-league hitters for nearly two decades, with a Cy Young award and one of baseball’s best nicknames (Big Sexy) to show for it. After overcoming shoulder woes and losing the steam off his 97 mph heater, Bartolo has continued to baffle the baseball world and kept winning into his 40s. This is his story…

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Carmelo Anthony: Cool Melo
They don’t come much cooler than Carmelo Anthony. Less than a year after leading Syracuse to the national championship at the tender age of 18, he took pro hoops by storm. After the predictable ups and downs experienced by a teen sensation in the NBA, Melo mellowed into a respected team leader and fearsome competitor. He possesses a point guard's vision and a scorer's touch, regularly yanks down double-digit rebounds from the small forward position, and knocks down big threes at the buzzer. The final piece in the pro hoops puzzle for Carmelo is that ever-elusive championship ring. This is his story…

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Joey Logano: Racing Prodigy
Unreal expectations can ruin an athlete’s career. Yet every so often, they yield unreal results. Meet Joey Logano, who won the Daytona 500 at age 24 and is one of NASCAR’s most consistent finishers. A record-smashing prodigy who won at the sport’s highest level two years before he could take a legal drink, Joey has completed his journey from green rookie to battle-tested veteran. This is his story…

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Today in Sports
May 31

We’re going to win Sunday. I guarantee you.

—New York Legend Joe Namath, before his Jets shocked the football world and beat the Colts in Super Bowl III


Jake Peavy
2007 NL CY Young Winner
Born 1981

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